Café Shop咖啡屋館(葉綠素)

Chlorophyll Café
The natural space is lined with a beautiful mountain forest, a cup of chlorophyll cafe's special drink and warm snacks. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you can enjoy the leisurely afternoon with the chirping of insects and birds in nature, accompanied by the sound of streams hitting stones. We provide Yun Hsien Resort chef's special meals, freshly brewed coffee, afternoon tea, fresh juice, scented tea and other drinks, as well as ecological videos, allowing you to enjoy a quiet and relaxing time. (Photos are for reference only, depending on meals on-site)

During the firefly season, the cable car entry time is extended to 9 pm, so one might order light meals until 7 pm.


Meal Coupons for Afternoon Tea

※The ordering time of afternoon tea is until 4 o'clock, applicable on weekdays and holidays.
※Coupons of Chlorophyll afternoon tea are available for light meals. Last order is at

[Coupons of afternoon tea meal can be exchanged for one of the following light meals (all with black tea)]

Braised Beef Brisket Rice

Kung Pao Chicken Rice

Fresh vegetable noodles (vegetarian)

Hot pot noodles (vegetarian)